“Bee raw honey is about purity of flavor. Raw. Real,” said Zeke Freeman, the founder of Bee Raw. Zeke grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania, where he gained an appreciation for homegrown foods and quality ingredients. He took his passion to the culinary world, first enrolling in the University of Montana’s School of Food Management & Culinary Arts, and then heading to France to continue his education at the Hotel School of Grenoble.

With its commitment to fresh and seasonal ingredients, Liddabit Sweets of Sunset Park is satisfying Brooklyn’s candy craving, without the guilt.

Although they hail from different backgrounds, Liddabit’s founders, Liz Gutman and Jen King, found themselves enrolled in New York City’s French Culinary Institute, where they became fast friends. United by their passion for sustainable ingredients and love of sweets, the two founded their own candy shop in 2009. Like many artisanal Brooklyn vendors, Liddabit got its start at the Brooklyn Flea.

Some people come home from vacation with souvenirs. Michael Kurtz returned from South America with a burning desire.

On his adventures, he had spotted an intriguing pepper-infused honey inside a Brazilian pizzeria and was adamant in trying to replicate his own version. The process it turned out would take him seven years. Meanwhile, Kurtz started a job bartending at Greenpoint pizzeria Paulie Gee’s.

Upon tasting Davis’ Famous Pistachio Crack, you’ll have no questions about where the name came from. The highly addictive sweet & salty brittle treat was created by accident, when rock hard brown sugar and leftover pistachios came together. Creator Dave Miss found that his customers couldn’t get enough of the stuff, and when he ran out of stock, there was an instant angry mob chasing after him for more.

The humble chocolate-covered pretzel takes a gourmet twist thanks to the sister duo behind DUMBO-based Fatty Sundays & Co.  You may recognize their distinctive pretzels already. Co-founders Ali and Lauren held a pop-up shop at the Union Square Holiday Market last year after raising $10,000 on Kickstarter.

Morris Kitchen’s flavored syrups began with a simple idea: “to share and create food.” Brother and sister team Tyler and Kari Morris created their first flavor, Ginger, back in 2009. The idea sparked from Kari’s time in the South of France, where ginger syrup is widely used in marinades, dressings, and drinks. She partnered up with her brother (the two hosted a supper club and catering business together), to bring the syrup to Brooklyn.

Caramel with Attitude