Davis' Famous Pistachio Crack, Salty, Sweet -

Artisan: Davis' Famous Pistachio Crack


Upon tasting Davis’ Famous Pistachio Crack, you’ll have no questions about where the name came from. The highly addictive sweet & salty brittle treat was created by accident, when rock hard brown sugar and leftover pistachios came together. Creator Dave Miss found that his customers couldn’t get enough of the stuff, and when he ran out of stock, there was an instant angry mob chasing after him for more.

The practically-illegal substance is made from cane sugar (a tribute to his New Orleans roots), and he adds an espresso powder for a bitter kick. The caffeine must add to its irresistibility. New York Magazine profiled some of the most addictive foods and NYC, and Davis’ Famous Pistachio Crack ranked 4 out of 5 on the “Cheetometer.”

Davis’ Famous goes beyond crack dealing with cookies in flavors like Chocolate Chip with Sea Salt and Ancho Double Chocolate Chili. They also launched another addictive snack—Cashew Chronic (yup, seriously), made with Cashews, Chamomile, Chilis, Wheat Germ, and Orange Zest.

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