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Gettin' Piggy Wit' It

We’ve been so high on the hog these days, we're one step away from an intervention. After stuffing ourselves silly at Pig Island, we still had a hankering for some 'cue. So we hoofed it over to Dale Talde’s new hog haven, a Fifth Avenue watering hole inspired by Patrick Swayze’s 1989 action flick, Road House

Pork Slope's magenta glow beckons patrons to pig out. Photo by Kristen McKeithan.

Neon oinkers beckoned us into an urban roadhouse replete with pig portraits, boar's head taxidermy, and other barnyard kitsch. Thankfully this joint avoids being a theme park, somehow managing to make honky-tonk tasteful. 

The subtle glow of sweet, sweet bourbon. Photo by Sarah Telzak 

Pork Slope keeps its patrons well lubricated with an exhaustive selection of American whiskey, bourbon, rye, including offerings from small batch distillers Willet and Pappy Van Winkle and an epic 25 craft beers on tap from local craft brewers, Brooklyn Brewery, Kelso, and Sixpoint.

We squeezed ourselves into our seats, ready to make our porky picks from the menu board: house-smoked pulled pork, St. Louis ribs, fried chicken, and Pork Slope's signature Porky Melt. Recently crowned one of the Ten Best Sandwiches in New York, one bite of this coarse-ground bratwurst patty with melted Swiss, caramelized onions, pickles, and yellow mustard on marble rye made us cry "soo-eee."  

Get porked! Photo by Men Who Dine.

Pork Slope's Shrimp Po’ Boy, which just got a shout-out in Brooklyn Magazine, gives NOLA's best a run for its money. Loaded with ultra-crisp battered shrimp, it comes "dressed" with pickles, tomato slices, shredded lettuce, and Sriracha mayo on Texas Toast. This sandwich is so good, you'll wanna slap yo' mama. This being Brooklyn, she'll likely slap you back.

Po' Boy Fo Sho. Photo by Sarah Telzak

Pork Slope rounds out the best comfort food menu in Brooklyn with buttery biscuits, tasty tater tots, ONION STRINGS, and an awesome wedge salad. Run, don't walk to Pork Slope...Th-th-th-that's all folks!

Pork Slope 247 Fifth Avenue (near Carroll St.), Brooklyn, NY 11215 | 718.768.7675 

Open daily from 5pm - 4am. Kitchen closes at 2am (holla!) Cash only :(

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