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Artisan: Ovenly

Photo credit: Winona Barton-Ballentine

Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin’s friendship, forged in a food-lovers book club, was strengthened in the kitchen. Inspired by their shared Eastern European backgrounds and the cooking traditions they learned from a young age, the duo began producing treats for weddings, birthdays, and other special events. The feedback was so gushingly enthusiastic that they made it official, and Ovenly was born. 

Using the best ingredients––pasture-raised bacon, organic hand-popped popcorn, even taking the time to hand-grind nut flours––this duo makes sure the flavor of every goodie is a just-right mix of salty, sweet, and spicy. Blue cheese pecan scones are available alongside espresso shortbread and ginger beer cupcakes with beer frosting, plus gluten-free selections like pistachio cardamom muffins. In addition to these unique pastries, Ovenly makes delectable bar snacks––Old Salties (bacon fat washed Old Bay peanuts), Maple-Thyme Pecans, Honey-Almond Caramel Corn, and Spicy Bacon Caramel Corn. 

Bars around the borough stock these snacks regularly in their bowls, and make them available for you to take back to the comfort of your own home. The gals of Ovenly have big plans for the future: collaborations with other Brooklyn tastemakers, and the hope of opening their own retail space. 

“Brooklyn has been so helpful to our business––it’s a place with a lot of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. But it’s also a product of the time we’re living in,” says Erin. “The way the economy has changed, many of us in the food community saw the loss of a job or uncertainty in our careers as an opportunity to follow a dream.” 

“We believe in our product, and we have a willingness from friends and peers to spread the word, to partner and work together. There’s a sense of helping each other out. It’s been wonderful for us,” Erin says. 

Ovenly Makes:

Old Salties and Spicy Bacon Caramel Corn | Buy Now in the Pig Island Gift Set

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