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Artisan: Bacon Marmalade

Chef Ross Hutchison readily admits he made a mistake. Attempting to make bacon one day, he got distracted and left it on too long. In an attempt to salvage the smoky strips, the Houston native began to tinker with it, and proceeded to make a “sticky, gooey, burnt, bacony mess.” What now? Throw it in the blender, of course! When he tasted it, he realized he’d come up with something sweet, savory, and unlike anything he’d ever experienced – and called it Bacon Marmalade.

Ross and his partner-in-swine Joanna Cybulski are on a mission to make sure you give it a try. In addition to sugar and vinegar, there are “lots of secrets” in Bacon Marmalade: “It’s salty, sweet, tangy, meaty spreadable bacon that’s wonderful on anything bacon is good on,” Ross makes Bacon Marmalade right here in Brooklyn from bacon he sources locally from a farm in Pennsylvania that raises its pork without the use of antibiotics or artificial hormones. And Bacon Marmalade has become not just a gourmet pantry staple, but also a featured item on the menus of The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck in Chelsea and Eastern District in Greenpoint. 

Ross explains. “One of the great things about the Brooklyn food movement is the camaraderie that develops between companies with a similar story. It’s a pleasure to be part of With Love, From Brooklyn, so that people elsewhere get the chance to taste a little bit of Brooklyn, and a whole lotta' bacon.” says Ross.

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