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Got Milk? 5 Questions for the Mast Brothers


The bearded brothers behind Mast Brothers Chocolate, Michael and Rick Mast, are pioneers of the bean-to-bar chocolate movement. Sourcing cacao beans with unique flavor profiles from around the equator, which they roast in small batches to create truly handmade chocolate, one of the very few chocolate makers to do so. With their signature dark chocolate bars, they've built an empire that Willy Wonka would envy. And now they're getting milky with their brand new line of Milk Chocolate bars.

1) After being such dark chocolate purists, why did you create Mast Brothers Milk Chocolate?

After experimenting with our origin and artisan dark chocolates over the years, we wanted to create a really special and unique way of producing a high quality milk chocolate bar – one we could be really proud of. Much like our artisan collection, we wanted to add one ingredient that could be celebrated. 

2) So what about the milk?

We wanted the exclusive ingredient in our milk chocolate bars to come from a producer we could trust. We chose to partner with Jasper Hill Farm – working dairy farm with an on-site creamery in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, with a mission to make the highest possible quality products in a way that supports Vermont's working landscape and promotes their regional taste of place. After participating in a cheese share with the farm twice a month - exchanging pounds of cheese for lots and lots of chocolate - it seemed like the perfect fit. 

3) What was the process of developing the bars?

Making the milk chocolate bars became as organic as creating the dark chocolate bars. Balancing the solid property of the cacao nibs with cocoa butter, sugar and milk, we roast the beans, adjust the temperate, add the milk and Tada! a perfectly curated milk chocolate bar. We make the milk choclate bars with 60% cacao nibs – reducing dark chocolate by only 10% - resulting in a bar with a fudgier, and of course more milky finish.

4) How would you describe the three varieties?

Never content with the status quo, we tried to reinvent milk chocolate, combining our proprietary chocolate blend with three different milks: Cow, Sheep, and Goat. Cow has a deep creamy caramel flavor. Sheep is more delicate with grassy notes. Goat, the most assertive, has bright citrus notes and a slightly tangy finish. 

5) Has Mast Brothers Milk Chocolate been a success so far?

Mast Brother Milk Chocolate is off to a strong start. Since the launch of the milk chocolate bars on Black Friday, they are among our best-selling bars. And our bars are no longer going to be produced only in Brooklyn. Mast Brothers London is opening on Valentine’s Day.

Satisfy your sweet tooth and get a trio of Mast Brothers Milk Chocolate Bars. Save 20% through Thursday February 12 with the promo code: MAST20.

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