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Artisan: Saucy By Nature

For longtime pals Monika Luczak and Przemek Adolf, a decade-long friendship quickly turned into a business partnership after traveling abroad. After returning stateside, a recipe brainstorm session led to a sandwich epiphany. The answer: global-influenced spreads using local ingredients—no preservatives or tongue-twisting ingredients allowed.

Leaving behind corporate careers (her in corporate law and him in marketing), the duo embraced a love of farm-to-table culture with Saucy by Nature. The cheeky name came to them over a meal of European pilsner and schnitzel as a playful nod to their ‘90s upbringing. 

Nowadays, they’re busy handcrafting best sellers like a fair-trade coffee barbecue sauce. The caffeine lends a jolt while the sweet molasses lends dark richness. Another favorite—a twist on classic sauerkraut—comes as an ode to the pair’s Polish roots. Dubbed a kimchee relish, the unique spread includes pickled cabbage, mushrooms, tomatoes and eyebrow-raising prunes—unlike any kimchee you’ve ever had.

Lucky for Brooklyn, Saucy’s locavore tendencies extends to its partnerships as well. Community-minded, Luczak and Adolf sometimes source from their fellow Brooklynites. Case in point: Brooklyn Grange (another With Love, From Brooklyn favorite!). A few months ago, the two hosted a summer picnic utilizing farm-fresh greens and Saucy’s delicious spreads.

With mentions in Vanity FairThe New York Times, and Daily Candy, we think a little taste test of your own is in order.

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