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Artisan: Early Bird Foods

“It looks good because it is good.” That’s Early Bird Foods’  motto, and its straightforward simplicity matches its goods perfectly. Their granola is baked in tiny batches using three of their favorite ingredients: “salt, olive oil, and love.”

Early Bird was started by former-Texan Nekisia Davis; she took her strong belief in flavor and pure whole foods and started cooking up granola—with lots of olive oil. She even confessed to The New York Times that she puts olive oil in everything—from French toast to toast with jelly. Nekisia made a great choice when selecting olive oil for her recipe, as it adds a depth of flavor that other granolas don’t have.

Before she created her sweet and salty granola, she was a manager at Franny’s. She started selling it to some of her regular customers, until Martha Stewart gave it a try, soon everyone wanted a bite. Food & Wine, Rachel Ray, and The New York Times featured the addictive granola, and because it’s made in Brooklyn, it received a shout out in The New Brooklyn Cookbook.

In the book, she talks about her “accidental business,” and her childhood love for pecans (a crucial ingredient in her granola!), and about the trials and tribulations of being a one-woman show.

Early Bird Granola comes in three flavors: Haulin’ Oats, Farmhand’s Choice, and Jubilee Recipe, as well as granola bars.

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  • Joanne smith

    Love, love, love Earky Bird Cherry Pitachio Granola. My son lives in Dumbo and when I visit I always get your granola. Can I purchase it anywhere in Michigan. If not, I can always bring some home when I visit. Thanks for making such a great product! Joanne

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