“It looks good because it is good.” That’s Early Bird Foods’  motto, and its straightforward simplicity matches its goods perfectly. Their granola is baked in tiny batches using three of their favorite ingredients: “salt, olive oil, and love.”

Early Bird was started by former-Texan Nekisia Davis; she took her strong belief in flavor and pure whole foods and started cooking up granola—with lots of olive oil.

Serendipitous describes The Jam Stand’s origins to a tee. Feeling unsatisfied with her fashion marketing job and unsure of what to do next, co-founder Sabrina Valle decamped for Ecuador. In between tasting the local cuisine and visiting family, she took a side trip to Patagonia where she sampled the best jam she’d ever had.

Anarchy in a Jar is serious about their jams, jellies, chutneys, and pickled fruits. The “Jamarchist” behind it all, Laena McCarthy started cooking up preserves in a Brooklyn kitchen back in 2009, but learned the craft from her mother, “an avid canner,” growing up in Upstate New York.