Salty Road Taffy's intrepid founder, Marisa Wu, was inspired by the nostalgic seaside vibe of Coney Island to create her own line of the classic all-American confection. Undeterred by the physical exertion of making taffy—it involves quite a bit of pulling!—Marisa put her self-taught candy skills to the test. Her final result was a soft and creamy taffy, naturally enhanced by natural flavors and fruit purées, and with a signature sea salt crunch.

While salt water taffy has been a popular candy since the late 19th century, there’s nothing old-fashioned about Salty Road’s candies, with flavors like Bergamot and Salty Peanut. Not long after she began hand-crafting her taffy, Marisa caught the attention of The Brooklyn Paper,  who hailed her concoctions as “treats for the contemporary candy connoisseur.”

We recently talked to Marisa about some of her favorite spots in our favorite borough. Check it out!

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