Inspired by a visit to the South of France, where ginger syrup is widely used in marinades, dressings, and drinks, Kari Morris founded a company to bring this iconic ingredient stateside. 

Morris Kitchen now offers 4 different syrups—ginger, preserved lemon, spiced apple, and grenadine, all made from all-natural, locally sourced ingredients. They puree, juice, and steep the finest ingredients with salt and cane sugar, allowing pure flavors to shine. Kari travels far and wide spreading Brooklyn cocktail culture around the globe. She's a demi-celebrity in Japan.

Everyone from Tasting Table to Real Simple and The New York Times has covered Morris Kitchen, marveling at the unique flavors and high quality ingredients, featuring signature cocktails like “The Bitter Darling,” created by noted mixologist Rosie Schaap.

We featured Kari in a recent article about meaningful gifts. Check it out!

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