From brownstones to bulldogs, Claudia Pearson has captured the essence of Brooklyn with her cheery, whimsical illustrations. A London-native, Claudia moved to New York to pursue her career after graduating from art school. 

The inspiration for much of Claudia’s illustration comes from her day-to-day life in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, where she lives with her husband and two sons. Her vegetarian lifestyle, affinity for local greenmarket goods, and love for travel all can be found in her work.

Claudia’s illustrations have been featured everywhere from New York Magazine to The New York Times, to Elle and she has worked on several notable books from Chronicle Books including the Mile End Cookbook

With Love From Brooklyn has partnered with Claudia to create our own (very cute, we might add) logo, as well as showcase her whimsical designs on many of our Brooklyn-centric mercantile goods.

Brooklyn, We Gram Hard