Brooklyn Slate Company has a way of making any cheese--even that processed grocery store block you bought in a moment of desperation--look like it came from a fancy fromagerie. Not surprisingly, the beautiful boards are a collaboration between a Brooklyn graphic designer, Sean Tice and Parsons design grad student Kristy Hadeka. After the two visited Kristy’s family slate quarry in upstate New York in 2009, they grabbed a few pieces to use as all-purpose boards back home in Brooklyn. The slate came in handy as trivets for teakettles, coasters for drinks, and serving plates for cheese and charcuterie. After a positive response from friends, they took the plunge and produced their own line of products. 

Before your Brooklyn Slate makes it to your table, it goes through a process. The slate is sourced from the quarry “graveyard," then is transported to the studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn, where it undergoes additional cutting and cleaning for safety. For the rough, unfinished look, the edges are chipped away with a slate cutter. Then it’s packaged up and all ready for your spread!

Brooklyn Slate was recently featured in Kinfolk Magazine’s City Guide, and Martha Stewart Living suggested using Brooklyn Slate to create an “Industrial Chic Table” for the DIY-ers out there. 

We love Brooklyn Slate’s attention to detail, sleek design, and ability to amp up the table décor of any holiday party.

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