When one considers the amount of thought and craft behind each bespoke blend at tea atelier Bellocq, "mixology" seems the most apt description of what they do.

Co-founded by a trio of tea enthusiasts, the Greenpoint (by way of London) shop has made waves with its handcrafted loose leaves. Their current lineup of artfully mixed blends runs the gamut. Take for instance their "No. 22 National Parks Dept" that dots an organic black tea with juniper berries and Douglas fir tips, or an autumnal black tea that holds an unexpected smokiness from chiles.

In addition to a top-notch flavor gauge, what sets Bellocq's teas apart from the rest involves (1) the leaf, (2) elevation, and (3) something called fanning (or lack thereof).

Larger tea producers tend to use leaf particles while Bellocq only uses the entire leaf or just the bud. Plus in lieu of using teas grown in lower elevations, Bellocq uses those grown in higher elevations; the elevation causes the teas to grow at a much slower pace but results in a more pronounced flavor. Bellocq also skips on fanning, aka broken bits of leaves that you typically find in tea bags. 

Steeped in craftsmanship and high-quality leaves, Bellocq has already drawn the attention of T Magazine , Martha Stewart Living (two of the co-founders are alums!) and Oprah, who picked Bellocq as one of her Favorite Things last year.

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