With a slogan like “the revolution starts in your mouth,” you know Anarchy in a Jar is serious about their jam. The “Jamarchist” behind it all, Laena McCarthy, started cooking up preserves in a Brooklyn kitchen back in 2009 but learned the craft from her mother--an avid canner--growing up in Upstate New York.

Keeping her small town roots in mind, Laena makes Anarchy in a Jar products in small batches, sourcing her ingredients locally from Brooklyn greenmarkets, upstate farms, and the Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm. The seasonal and local ingredients shine in each variety, from “Fig & Onion Jam” to “Easy Like a Sunday Morning Blueberry Preserves.”

In her book Jam On: The Craft of Canning Fruit, she teaches her audience about the process of canning from start to finish, basic supplies to flavor pairings. Anarchy has received rave reviews from The New York TimesTasting Tableand more. Get her grandmothers recipe for jam-filled donuts, here.

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