Amy & Bill Mowat

Brooklyn based makers and manufacturers, Amy Stringer-Mowat and Bill Mowat, made their first cutting boards for their 2010 wedding. It is rumored that the groom was actually finishing the boards on the day of the wedding... The two wanted a personalized and sentimental way to display cheese, and came up with state-shaped cutting boards for each of their home states (Michigan and Connecticut), with hearts on their hometowns. Delightfully, other people wanted the boards and they are now made for all fifty states. Each board is made in the USA of bamboo. 
Amy and Bill believe in their small business and manufacturing in the United States. The pieces are designed to be cherished and passed down -- to engage those who use them and resonate with each use. Their quality comes not only from the design and materials, but from Amy and Bill’s belief in new manufacturing techniques. Whether things are made by hand or by machine, they can be timeless -- like these cutting boards, which serve as reminders of where you came from, or where you’d like to be.

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