Valentine's Day Gift Guide: What's Not to Love?

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: What's Not to Love?

For some, getting ready for Valentine's Day means anticipating (or daydreaming about) elaborate multicourse dinners, Caribbean getaways, or even marriage proposals. We on the other hand, being artisanal food dorks, are gaga with excitement over our three new limited-edition Valentine's Day gift sets. 

Date Night Set

1. Date Night Set

Picture this: The evening starts at home with a quickie cocktail–try your hand at The Grand from the master mixologists at Morris Kitchen. The restaurant you chose is lovely, but nothing on the dessert menu looks as tempting as the Fatty Sundays chocolate-covered pretzels that you slipped into your coat pocket on your way out. You munch these together on the tipsy walk back to your place, pausing to take pretzel-selfies. Waiting at home are sweet and sticky Liddabit Fig Ricotta caramels and Nunu's decadent pink peppercorn-studded chocolate bar, a combination of flavors best described as "naughty." Perfect. We'll give you some privacy now. 


Pretty in Pink Set

2. Pretty in Pink Set 

We're positive that if Duckie had given Andie one of these, his true feelings for her would have been crystal-clear and she would have never wasted her time on Blane. Salty Road Strawberries & Cream taffy; a creamy Mast Brothers milk chocolate bar; delectable Nunu white chocolate two ways–a bar and a heart-shaped lolly; and for good measure, a beautifully fragrant and bathtub ledge-ready fern + moss candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio. A more thoughtful gift than any preppie jerk could have come up with, right? Team Duckie forever.


Chai Love You Set

3. Chai Love You Set

This gift set is best enjoyed in a cozy robe and fuzzy slippers on a lazy winter weekend: Delicious Dona Chai (stirred into our Claudia Pearson-designed brownstones mug, of course), Unna's perfect raspberry-filled butter cookies, luscious Stagg Cherry-Chai jam (try it on vanilla ice cream and thank us later), and a super-legit 72% dark Cacao Prieto single-origin Dominican chocolate bar. If they don't offer to share, you'll know you got it right.


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