Top 5 Tacos for Cinco de Mayo

Top 5 Tacos for Cinco de Mayo

This insane taco pizza, the brainchild of Tony Baloney's, hails from Hoboken, but can't compare to Brooklyn's finest tacos. From Bushwick to Sunset Park, Brooklyn is bringin' the heat. Here' our guide to five of Brooklyn's under-the-radar taco spots to get you started on the road to Tijuana nirvana. (Tequila not included.)

photo: Meredith Craig de Pietro

Taqueria Izacur, 1503 Myrtle Ave., Bushwick

What to order: Suadero (veal flank) Taco $2

Under the subway tracks, this tiny hole in the wall offers up unbelievable tacos in a no-frills setting. Climb up on your choice of five stools smooshed in against a miniscule kitchen. Order the Suadero taco, and you won’t be disappointed. It’s served hot with a pile of brisket that is juicy without being sloppy. There is barely any garnish to this one: a lime, a radish slice, and perhaps a big squeeze from a bottle of red sauce. You’ll be licking your fingers.

photo: @seamores

Seamores, 66 Water St., Dumbo

What to order: Seared “Fish of the Day” Taco $15

What is the secret to a perfect fish taco? It depends on how fresh the fish is. Best way to eat one is sitting on the sand, with a filet picked right from the ocean. Second best is Seamore’s. This is an unlikely restaurant to serve up authentic Mexican, but with 100% sustainable fish that is sourced as locally as possible, the seared fish taco is pretty delicious. Each night brings a different “fish of the day” for the taco, giving a slightly different flavor each time. Acadian Redfish holds up under a smoky molé and pickled onions. Pair it with a “froze” to drink, and you’ll feel the fiesta.

photo: @later_nyc

Tacos El Bronco, 4324 4th Avenue, Sunset Park

What to order: Campechanos (multiple meat) Taco $1.50- $2.75 small/ regular

Sunset Park is teeming with tacos. You could make a day of walking down 4th Avenue and not be disappointed. The more the merrier is a good motto, and that’s why the Campechanos Taco is beloved; it's a mixture of many meats diced extremely small. In this taco, there’s a spray of chopped onion, flicks of cilantro and a hefty cucumber garnish. You’ll need to order a minimum of three tacos, but you won’t have trouble finishing. Tacos El Bronco has built a fan base with their two food trucks, but eating at this brick-and-mortar, under a vibrant mural of wild horses beats streetside dining.

photo: @oaxacatacos

Oaxaca Taqueria, 250 4th Avenue, Park Slope (multiple locations)

What to order: Barbacoa (Beef Cheek) Taco $4

Perhaps you’ve tried to score a rezzy at Claro, a new Gowanus restaurant specializing in Oaxacan style cooking, hoping to try the barbacoa taco ($15). Yet only a few blocks away is Oaxaca Taqueria, a solid taco joint that is just as dedicated to the tastes of the Oaxacan region: molé sauce, crunchy tostadas, and homemade tortillas. With your order of Barbacoa, you’ll receive a tangle of locally-sourced beef, pickled onion with a dusting of cilantro and cotija, all folded up inside one singular substantial corn tortilla. It’s a thicker tortilla, and will carry a good amount of meat, without getting soggy. It’s almost perfect the way it is, but adding a touch of their house-made hot sauce takes it up a notch.

photo: @later_nyc

Fast and Fresh Burrito, 84 Hoyt Street, Boerum Hill

What to order: Al Pastor (marinated pork with pineapple) Taco $2.50- $3.50 small/ regular

This is the type of place you could walk by for years and never notice. Sandwiched in Boerum Hill, on the downtown side of Atlantic, this deli seems out of place among the new skyscrapers and million dollar brownstones. Do yourself a favor and go inside. These pork tacos have tiny slivers of pineapple embedded; these are not sweet cubes from a can, but perks of acidity that help balance the spices in the meat. The tortillas are flaky and fresh, and don’t resemble anything you’ve bought packaged in a store. A stem of cilantro, slices of radish, lime quarters to squeeze; these are all the garnishes you’ll need. If it’s warm out, grab your tacos and take a seat in the garden. You’ve discovered taco heaven.

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