The Perfect Valentine's (or Galentine's) with the Sisters of Fatty Sundays

The Perfect Valentine's (or Galentine's) with the Sisters of Fatty Sundays

Fatty Sundays, the online confectioner that is best known for its outrageous variations on the sweet and salty classic, chocolate covered pretzels, is a real family affair. The company is run by a pair of sisters, Ali Borowick Zmishlany and Lauren Borowick, and was inspired by their mom, a terrific baker who they credit for creating their sweet tooths. (The name, Fatty Sundays, comes from the nickname they had for Sundays at home, a day for relaxing and enjoying mom's treats.) So who better to ask than this pair for tips on the sweetest ways to spend Valentine's or Galentine's Day in Brooklyn and NYC? Be sure to steal some of their ideas for your own sweetheart. 

Which do you plan on celebrating—Valentine's or Galentine's, and who with?

Ali: I'll be celebrating Valentine's Day with my husband AND also my 8-month-old daughter, Ruthie!

Lauren: Valentine’s! ...with my boyfriend

An assortment of Fatty Sundays pretzel rods. Photo: Fatty Sundays

Say you made a basket of treats for you and your sweetheart(s) to share—what would you fill it with?

Ali: Fatty Sundays pretzels, of course! My 2 picks for Valentine's Day would be PB+J (my all time fave) and Cinnamon Sugar pretzel rods, Jaques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookies and Salted Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies from Ovenly. I've never actually been, but they sell them at Foragers and they are soooo good! Sour and gummy candy from anywhere :)

Lauren: Fatty Sundays Peppermint Pretzels, Fatty Sundays Love Bites Tin, Butterfingers, Grapefruit gummies, Ferrero Rocher and Levain walnut chocolate chip cookies!

The hot chocolate at City Bakery is the bomb. Photo: Tineey

Imagine a super indulgent day for you and your Valentine. Where would you go or what would you do at home?

Ali: Sleeping in would be amazing, but unfortunately not an option anymore for us with the baby! We'd get fresh bread from Almondine Bakery and coffee from Brooklyn Roasting and make breakfast at home. Then it would be a long walk in Brooklyn along the waterfront. Our favorite thing to do is walk! Then it would be fun to go to the flower district in NYC. Very Valentine's Day appropriate, and such a fun street to walk through! I've only been a handful of times and don't think my husband has ever been, actually. In the city it would be fun to stop at City Bakery, not too far from there, for their amazing hot chocolate. We'd probably walk over the Brooklyn or Manhattan bridge home, if it wasn't frigid out!

Lauren: Sleep in! Then brunch at Timna in the East Village. We'd wander around McCarren Park, go to the movies and have tacos at La Superior in Williamsburg.

The views are amazing at The William Vale's Westlight. Photo: Eater

The views are amazing at The William Vale's Westlight. Photo: Westlight

Where else would you eat?

Ali: Right now we're loving Vinegar Hill Cafe in our neighborhood for brunch or lunch. We'd love a dinner date at Sushi of Gari in Tribeca (we sometimes walk over the Brooklyn Bridge to get there!) Dessert would be ice cream from Ample Hills. It's too cold now and they aren't open, but our favorite location is the one on Pier 5. We'd grab drinks at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. The views are amazing, we just need a babysitter to make this part of the night happen! :)

Lauren: Cocktails at the William Vale Hotel, dinner at El Almacen, dessert at Davey’s Ice Cream.

The best place to browse ABC Carpet and Home. Photo: Noel Y.C.

Is there a dream store that you'd shop at?

Ali: ABC Carpet to buy some cool things for our apartment!

Lauren: Does hiring a personal shopper count?

A place they both agree on for a soak. Photo: Great Jones Day Spa

And if you could fit in time for a spa?

Ali: Great Jones spa!

Lauren: Great Jones!

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