Gifts for Modern Dads That Really "Pop"

Gifts for Modern Dads That Really "Pop"

Dads are different these days. Today's dad doesn't mind braiding hair (although he could use a few lessons). He's getting pretty good at texting (aside from that time he put an eggplant emoji on an actual shopping list). He even learned how to "dab" convincingly (a year after everyone else stopped doing it, but still).

Today's dad also has different Father's Day standards. Nothing so impersonal as a necktie is going to cut it as a gift anymore. Today's dad is culturally plugged in, gastronomically a word, hip. So how about celebrating your awesomely hip dad with a gift box that appeals to his modern appetites?

Our hot sauce-centric Get Lit box features three mouth-igniting little devils: The garlic-infused Filfil No. 7, funkily sweet & spicy Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha, and a bold green tequila-spiked offering from the alchemists at Queen Majesty. In addition, we included a couple of extras so Dad can properly rep his love of all things spicy: a snazzy chili pepper-themed kitchen towel (a perfect companion for grill or griddle) and a matching coffee mug to spur morning inspiration.

Is Dad the adventurous type? Our Brooklyn Heat box features five different spicy flavors presented five enticingly different ways: A classic red hot sauce from Brooklyn Grange, chipotle chili salt from Chili Lab (we love it as a BBQ rub!), a can't-wait-to-experiment-with-this chili pepper jam from Stagg, and and of course hipster favorites Mike's Hot Honey and Jojo's Sriracha. 

Wait, maybe Dad's more of a snack guy than a spice guy. We've got you covered! Our Brooklyn Baller box has got it all: Fiendishly addictive Pistachio Crack (you gotta try it), flavorbombin' bacon peanut brittle, indulgent chocolate taffy from Salty Road, tangy & spicy maple bourbon pickles from Brooklyn Brine, plus the essential Brooklyn Grange hot sauce for good measure!

Want even more choices? Check out all our curated gift boxes--each jam-packed with artisanal goods from the best borough in the best city in the world! Whatever you chose, Dad's gonna love it!

Brooklyn, We Gram Hard