Brooklyn-ize Your Thanksgiving

Brooklyn-ize Your Thanksgiving

Whether you’re enjoying Turkey Day in the hood or heading over the river and through the woods, you're going to want to properly Brooklyn-ize the festivities. What better way to rep the BK than to give your feast some local flavor?

Thanksgiving cocktail

Need a little liquid courage before shutting down your Trumped Up uncle? W&P's Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour will get you in the right frame of mind.

beer brined turkey

Are your guests still traumatized by last year's deep fryer fiasco? Switch it up this year. Give The Brooklyn Brew Shop's Beer-Brined Turkey a spin.

OK, it's pie time. Did you save room? Trust us, you'll manage to find some if this beaut from Four & Twenty Blackbirds lands on the table!

thanksgiving leftover sandwich 

And what are you gonna do with all those tasty lefties? Make a badass sandwich, of course! Brooklyn Based hipped us to the Hail Mary Turkey Club. It is the bomb.

OK, enough reading--time to get eating!

Brooklyn, We Gram Hard