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Artisan: Brewklyn Grind Coffee & Tea Co.

This local small-batch coffee roaster isn’t just a Brooklyn business; it’s a family business. The three brothers of Brewklyn Grind, South Brooklyn natives Craig, Alain, and James, began home-roasting their specially selected beans in 2003, but it wasn’t until 2008 that they made the big entrepreneurial leap. 

You may recall that 2008 was a particularly rough year economically – it was nearly impossible for brother Craig, who had recently earned a degree in biomedical engineering, to find a job in his chosen field. Passionate about sharing his vision for high-quality coffee with his fellow Brooklynites, he convinced business development pro Alain and flavor freak James to take their roasting more seriously, turning it into a thriving cottage industry. 

Keenly focused on their craft, the brothers source only 100% Arabica beans for their closely-monitored roasting process, choosing each variety based on quality and taste attributes that meet their high standards. Their java is not only Fair Trade Certified but also Rainforest Alliance Certified, ensuring that they help promote economic and environmental sustainability in countries of origin. All coffee is hand packaged and sold within hours of its roasting time, displayed on every bag. In addition, this choosy bunch has expanded with a range of loose teas, selecting each for taste and sustainable growing practices. 

Family ties run deep. On their website, they explain, “We often found solace in the simple pleasures of Brooklyn life: strong friendships, unbreakable family bonds, and lasting memories born from conversations on the stoop, the rooftop, and around the kitchen table.” It’s clear where the Brewklyn Grind brothers want their coffees and teas to be: brewing on countertops in familiar kitchens.

Brewklyn Grind Makes:

Single-Estate Kona Coffee | Buy Now in the Breakfast in Breukelen Gift Selection

Organic Earl Gray Tea | Buy Now in the Tea It Up Gift Selection

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