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When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip!

Hand dipped in Brooklyn, Fatty Sundays has created a modern twist on an old classic. Thoughtfully flavored, generously dipped and perfectly decorated chocolate covered pretzels, the Fatty Sundays sister duo, Ali and Lauren started their salty-sweet business based on inspiration from their mother’s original chocolate covered pretzel recipe. Now their eye-catching confections are a favorite favor at star-studded events from the VMA's to Fashion Week. 

Toppings run the flavor gamut from PB&J to Toffee Crunch, to their signature sweet Sprinkles pretzel. Pick a lazy Sunday (or any day) to indulge in a big-kid version of a little-kid classic.

1.What was your inspiration for the name, Fatty Sundays? 

We grew up always enjoying lots of our Moms sweets and desserts. But we also grew up eating our veggies. Our Mom used to say "everything in moderation!" We are true chocoholics and sugar lovers though, so on Sundays when we used to hang out, kick back and treat ourselves to anything and everything, we dubbed the day "Fatty Sunday." Everyone loves a good Fatty Sundays!

2. Why chocolate covered pretzels? Any plans to chocolate cover other treats?

We can't think of a better sweet and salty snack than a chocolate covered pretzel! It's the best combination. Also, our Mom's sprinkle chocolate covered pretzels were the main inspiration behind Fatty Sundays. We're reinventing and modernizing the treat we used to love so much growing up. We also recently introduced dark chocolate covered strawberry licorice. It's to die for, especially when you keep it in the refrigerator! We have lots of other ideas for the future and we don't plan on only doing chocolate covered treats.

3. What are your favorite/best-selling flavors? 

Ali's Favorite: PB&J; Lauren's favorite: Peppermint; Best seller: Toffee

4. Can you tell us a bit more about the DIY Kit?

We created the DIY kit so that people could enjoy the process of making the sprinkle chocolate covered pretzels, just like we did as kids. The kit includes all of the ingredients you'd need to make 20 chocolate covered pretzels. There are instructions included as well as a box of Fatty Sundays pretzels to serve as inspiration while you dip! Our DIY kit makes the perfect girls night activity or something to do with your spouse, kids or family.

5. Anything new coming down the line in the next few months? 

Our plan is to really expand the DIY Pretzel party concept and be able to share that experience with everyone in a big way. Whether it's for a birthday party, wedding or corporate event, everyone will enjoy the interactive and fun DIY chocolate covered pretzel making experience! We're also of course working on a few new mouth-watering pretzel flavors!

Get a DIY Pretzel Dipping Class when you Help us Spread Love by donating to our Barnraiser campaign. 

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