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Nom Nom on Nunu: 5 Questions for the Chocolatiers

The husband and wife chocolatiers behind Nunu Chocolates, are curating "comfort chocolates" and confections from single origin cocoa beans. Sustainably sourced from a family farm in Colombia, their best-selling chocolates are combined with high quality, organic ingredients to create cult favorites, like the Sea Salt Caramel and the Hokey Pokey.

1) Can you tell us a bit more about your best-selling chocolates?

We're best known for our salt caramels. We roast a little salt into the caramel itself, enrobe it in a 53% dark chocolate, and sprinkle some of the Fleur de Sel on top as well.Our Hokey Pokey is a crunchy candy that we make at our shop from a golden syrup. As it cools we bubble it up so it's slightly more airy than toffee and then we smother it in dark chocolate. 

2) What is the process for developing the Sea Salt Caramels and the Hokey Pokey chocolates?

The Salt Caramels were one of the first flavors we ever did.  As with most of our products, the recipe underwent a lot of trial and error (although luckily with chocolate, even if it ends up looking terrible, the mistakes are still pretty tasty).  We wanted something that was comforting and accessible - it shouldn't be something you have to understand in order to enjoy but something you just have an immediate reaction to.  With the Hokey Pokey, that was an attempt to recreate a favorite childhood sweet that Justine grew up eating.

3) Can you tell us a bit about sourcing the cocoa from Colombia?

Maintaining the smallest footprint possible has always been one of the pillars of our process. We source from a likeminded family-run farm in eastern Colombia that's single-origin, non-GMO and sustainable. All of our products are are packaged in recyclable materials, from our craft chocolate boxes to our hot chocolate cups.

4) It looks like your hot chocolate has also become a hot commodity! How do you make the hot chocolate? Can people purchase the ingredients to make their own hot chocolate at home?

We make our classic hot chocolate with single-origin, 65% dark Cozy Hot Chocolate Shavings mixed with steamed whole milk at both of our shops. We also sell those shavings so that you can bring the experience home. We're also dreaming up new takes on our recipes all the time, so depending on when you drop by you might be able to give our Salt Caramel Hot Chocolate or our Mezcal-Chili Hot Chocolate a try.

5) Tell us about your Tasting and Tap Room at Park Slope? 

The new shop, Nunu Chocolates Cafe & Tap Room, is an expansion of the vision we had for our flagship Atlantic store.  There's more seating, 10 lines of craft beer so more options for chocolate pairings, we'll be working on pastries and small plate offerings, and there's a backyard!

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