Yours Brewly: Brooklyn Suds and Beer Gardens to Indulge In Now

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In Brooklyn we’re cursed with abundance! How to choose the right brew, the right garden in which to quaff our thirst? We know there are deeper quandaries to ponder…but why not save those questions for when we’ve got a frosty mug in hand and a sturdy bench underneath you? You’ve got to drink deep to think deep, amiright? Here’s our guide to the coolest craft beers, made in our fair borough, and the hottest spots to chill.

Brooklyn's Best Breweries

Clinton Hill
Named for brewmaster Kelly Taylor and his wife, Sonya Giacobbe, this sudsy duo maintain a hands-on philosophy when it comes to their beers.  Years of experience back this venture, with seasonal standouts like the sweet, malty “Recessinator” and year-round favorites like the tropically fruity India Pale Ale, your taste buds just know they’re in the hands of true-brew craftsmen (and women).

Brooklyn Brewery
The big boys of Brooklyn’s craft brew scene have been around since 1988. Their distribution reaches far beyond our fair borough, to 25 states, and they continue to wow us all with their reliably flavorful homebrew skills. Not only can you find a six-pack at your local bodega, but you can get up close and personal by taking a tour of the Brewery itself. Be sure to stick around after for straight-from-the-keg tastings.  

Red Hook
Founded in 2004 in Red Hook, Sixpoint likes to profess that they were born at the dawn of civilization when humans began fermenting grain into tasty beverages. They took their “brewers’ star” logo from an ancient pictograph once used on brewing vessels, and have revived it with new, bubbly spirit. Their emphasis on traditional brewing techniques shines through in their wide selection of tasty beers. We’re partial to this year’s golden batch of Apollo, a Bavarian Wheat beer that’s intensely refreshing.

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BK Beer Gardens

A beer garden with a Brooklyn-industrial spin, there are a lot of good times to be had within these walls. With a huge menu of beers, some hard to find, and tables that can handle a crowd, this is a great after dinner spot to rally the troops for extended revelry.  There’s a top-notch complete with late-night snacking food to be has as well, and rowdy games of Jenga to keep the night from ending too soon.

Radegast Hall and Beer Garden
Imported brews abound in this Austro-Hungarian-inspired beer hall, as do long tables and rowdy brew-lovers. The space was created by gutting two adjacent warehouses and knocking down the wall between them—it’s sprawling inside, but fills to the brim on weekend nights. To complement the huge beer selection, there’s hearty fare to keep you thirsty, like stuffed schnitzel, brats and sausage, and saucy apple strudel. 

KBH Die Koelner Bierhall
Park Slope
A hop, sip, and a glug away from the Barclays Center just off Fourth Avenue, you’ll find this bustling space, with its high ceilings and communal tables. It’s a casual spot, but gets extra-loud at night, what with the pounding of big old liter steins going on—the beer menu is large—and cocktails available, too. You can soak some of it up with traditional beer hall bites like pretzels, potato salad and sausage. 

Brooklyn, We Gram Hard