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Alex Crosier has granola-making down to a science. Obsessed with striking the perfect balance of sweet and savory––which she believes is key to achieving the best flavor––Alex has created some of the most exciting taste combinations around. Activation Energy, a buzzworthy blend of coffee, chocolate, and hazelnuts, will get you going on dark winter mornings; while Elemental Formula, with maple, pecan, and orange, has a more classic flavor profile. 
The scientific approach was born out of Alex’s background as a neuroscience major, which gave her the ability to put cooking and lab work side by side and understand how similar they could be. She started Granola Lab as a personal challenge, endlessly tweaking and tinkering with the formula. Baked in small batches in a shared Sunset Park commercial kitchen space that’s home to several other Brooklyn food businesses, Granola Lab has a special alchemy all its own. 
“Brooklyn is, at least in my world, the nexus of creative, interesting, small food companies which I love being a part of,” says Alex. “In my communal kitchen space, I have access to others doing the same things, going through similar struggles, and sharing ideas.” 
“With Love, From Brooklyn is a fabulous idea––I’ve seen other companies doing this gift box or monthly sampler idea, but this is specific to Brooklyn, a fertile ground for food artisans” Alex says.
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Activation Energy and Elemental Formula Granola | Buy Now in the Breakfast in Breukelen Gift Selection

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