Brooklyn Brine, salty, savory -

Artisan: Brooklyn Brine

Shamus Jones, or the “Executive Briner” at Brooklyn Brine pickles credits the success of his Brooklyn-based business to their creativity. They’ve dreamed up flavors that go beyond your basic dill—like the Whiskey Sour Pickle (made with McKenzie Rye Whiskey) and Curried Squash. Shamus is dedicated using the freshest ingredients, pickling produce delivered same-day.

Shamus’ creative vision for the ultimate pickle recipe has expanded across the Northern Hemisphere, with shops across the US & Canada carrying their briney creations. They opened their own retail shop in Gowanus, attached to their factory space.

Brooklyn Brine partnered with Dogfish Head beer to create an earthy, bitter pickle with the infamous, uber-hoppy 60-Minute IPA. The duo to take the partnership even further by opening The Pickle Shack, a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Gowanus, with a vegetarian, pickle-y menu, and plenty of Dogfish Head beer. The vegetarian menu was fitting, as Shamus previously worked as a vegan chef before making it in the pickle biz.

We tested out The Pickle Shack’s dinner menu, and enjoyed the Pickle Plate and the a breakfast-esque sandwich packed with Chanterelle Mushrooms, Farm Eggs, Raclette, Chives & Thyme with Dijon & Herbes de Provence, Arugula (with a pickle on the side of course). The verdict: when beer and pickles marry together, you can’t go wrong.

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