It all started with a cheesecake. Michelle Lewis whipped up a cheesecake but knew it needed a little something extra—so she made a sweet and salty caramel sauce. She packaged the next batch for Christmas gifts, and opened Spoonable a year later. Now Michelle makes caramel full-time, in six decadent flavors from Orange Peppercorn to Chewy Sesame to Spicy Chili

Dubbed “Brooklyn’s Saucy Caramel,” Spoonable's all-natural sauces are carried in 150 stores in 20 states and are exported to Japan and Europe. They're made to top desserts like ice cream and pie, but also pair beautifully with savory dishes. 

Spoonable has been featured in publications from Good Housekeeping to Instyle. Spoonable’s most recent claim-to-fame? They won the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Made in Brooklyn award.