To put it mildly, former Brooklynite Jolene Collins has a red-hot passion for Sriracha.

Fast forward years later to when Collins decided to remove refined sugar from her diet. With sugar being the second ingredient in the "rooster" Sriracha, it didn't make the cut. Not content to part ways with the fiery condiment, Collins decided to DIY an artisanal hot sauce and JoJo’s Sriracha was born.

Key to the recipe: the chili peppers (seeds and all are used!). Collins believes in using a variety of them and has included everything from cayenne peppers to cherry bombs in her unique blends. (The beauty of not having a set recipe is that each handcrafted batch is one-of-a-kind.) There only two rules: (1) the peppers must not be treated with pesticides or chemicals and (2) should be locally sourced.

JoJo’s Sriracha has already won fans over at Food CuratedGrub Street, and of course here at With Love From Brooklyn. We're loving the spicy stuff on everything and aspire to be at Collins’ level someday: Sriracha drizzled over vanilla ice cream sundaes, anyone?

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