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Once upon a time C(armel) A(nd) T(errell) Swan – the “cat” of catstudio fell in love and discovered that they shared anthropological backgrounds and a thirst for Travel. They also had a joy & deep appreciate for art, design, and craftsmanship. Thus, they decided to put their interest together and design a timeless ode to geography & craftsmanship – the catstudio Geography Pillow.

Besides the iconoclastic Pillows, there are Drinking Glasses, Dish Towels, Mugs, and Plates in the product mix. Future plans include expanding The Geography Collection onto a line of Rugs and Stationery. Believe you me, think of any surface at all, and the Swans have thought about how they could incorporate that into the life of catstudio designs. They are constantly add new designs and redesigning their current ones.

Their story to be continued…with a happy ending!